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Middle/Senior Facebook Ads Manager

Особенности вакансии

  • Знание языка
    • Английский язык
  • Вид занятости
    • Полная занятость
  • Район/массив
    • Шевченковский район
  • Метро
    • Университет
  • Уровень владения языком
    • Английский (средний)
  • ПО
    • Microsoft Excel
  • Дополнительные сведения
    • С опытом работы
  • Направление в маркетинге
    • Интернет-маркетинг
  • Направление в интернет-маркетинге
    • Контекстная реклама
  • Инструменты в интернет-маркетинге
    • Facebook ADS
    • А/ В тестирование
  • Преимущества
    • Офис в центре
    • Бонусы / премии
    • Salary in USD
    • Компенсация обучения
    • Корпоративные мероприятия

We are looking for a bold, data-driven Facebook Ads Manager who is not afraid of taking calculated risks to grow the business to new heights. This role requires the ability to operate on both a strategic and tactical level. You will be a valued part of the Acquisition Team and will take a lead on developing and executing a comprehensive Paid Social Media strategy.

You will have an impact on the product, its conversion funnel through a close cooperation with our PMs, designers and other channels' managers. You will be given a wide room for experimenting with creatives, landing pages, targeting and ad optimization options in order to scale our FB ad campaigns and maximize the profit.

What will you be responsible for?

  • Developing Facebook Ads strategy for profitable user acquisition growth
  • Building, managing and scaling FB ad campaigns to meet or exceed designated KPIs
  • Running ad campaigns for both product website and mobile app
  • Experimenting with other Social Media advertising channels
  • Collaborating with copywriters and designers to produce outstanding ad creatives
  • Running statistically significant A/B split tests to optimize campaign performance and gain valuable insights about our target audience through a data-driven approach
  • Monitoring and optimizing campaign performance by clear results reporting, spotting bottlenecks and opportunities — with a focus on business goals
  • Developing, maintaining and share a complete knowledge of (ever-changing) Facebook tools and features
  • Designing and implementing retargeting strategy in Social Media advertising channels

Skills and experience that we’re looking for 

  • Minimum of 2 years experience in Performance Marketing through Facebook Ads
  • Knowledge of how to make Facebook ad creatives and copy work
  • Understanding of FB user tracking and attribution is a must
  • In-depth understanding and experience setting up FB Pixel and FB Analytics
  • Comprehensive knowledge of A/B split testing
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to make data-driven decisions; comfort manipulating data in Excel and/or Google Sheets
  • Basic understanding of UX, previous experience in LP optimization
  • Self-motivated and independent, well-organized, able to do hands-on work and analysis with minimum supervision
  • English — Intermediate and higher
  • The most important things are your mindset, ability to generate and implement ideas, and desire to come up with solutions for the work challenges

As a plus

  • Experience with Facebook Mobile App Ads would be a plus
  • Experience with TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and other platforms would be a plus

This is WHY you should choose US

  • An opportunity to drive the process and be creative. We applaud creativity and create a suitable environment for you to implement it
  • Freedom and challenge to own your work
  • Bureaucracy-free work place and processes
  • An opportunity to work directly with our CMO and founders and make a real impact
  • Amazing team that inspires you to bring your very best
  • Competitive salary in USD based on your qualifications
  • Transparent bonus system that directly depends on the performance of the FB Ad campaigns
  • Freedom to move between projects and work on several products at once
  • Career development
  • Regular Personal Development Sessions with the CMO and company founders
  • Educational sponsorship (various educational opportunities, e.g. courses, conferences, meet-ups etc. are sponsored by the company)
  • Perfect office location in the city center (7-10 mins from «Universitet»)
    • just FYI at the moment we adapted a hybrid kind of work mode, i.e. a combination of work from office and WFH
    • just FYI during the first 3 months of the probation period we’d like you to come into the office to simplify the onboarding process for at least 50% of your work time
  • 21 business days of paid vacation and unlimited sick leaves
  • Opportunity to make a difference for thousands and thousands of our active users!

Up for the challenge? Then do not miss out on a chance to join us!

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