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English Writer

Особенности вакансии

  • Знание языка
    • Английский язык
  • Вид занятости
    • Удаленная работа
    • Полная занятость
  • Район/массив
    • Подольский район
    • Подол
  • Метро
    • Контрактовая площадь
  • Уровень владения языком
    • Английский (продвинутый)
  • Направление в маркетинге
    • Копирайтинг
  • Преимущества
    • Медицинская страховка
    • Офис возле метро
    • Скидки сотрудникам
    • Бесплатное обучение

Uvoteam is excited to add new awesome people to our team. We are looking for talented English Writers to work with!

You are welcome to apply from any Ukrainian city! We are hiring new team members from all over Ukraine!

You will:

  • Get a full-time/part-time job with flexible working hours, to combine it with studies/hobbies and other whatever great things you do;

  • Manage your personal workload and write with your own pace;

  • Find an inspiring culture to fit in;

  • Choose your preferred working mode (fully remote, office-based or mixed);

  • Get the needed training information and guidance that will help you to get started as a writer with us.

Now, here's what we are looking for:

  • Not lower than Upper-Intermediate level of written English;

  • Ability to work various shifts (morning/day/evening/night),

  • Ability to take at least 4 shifts per week;

  • Curiosity, attention to detail, a superpower to process tons of information;

  • Diversity in thoughts and views to support your writing;

  • Sense of responsibility and commitment;

  • Lust for doing good things for good people.

Sounds interesting? Then we are waiting for your resume!

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