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Customer Success Manager (become a Digital Product Marketing Expert, at global Software Startup)

35000 грн.

Range of $750-1250 depending on experience

Особенности вакансии

  • Уровень владения языком
    • Английский (продвинутый)
  • Вид занятости
    • Полная занятость
  • Уровень
    • Middle/Специалист
  • Знание языка
    • Английский язык
  • Преимущества
    • Корпоративні заходи
    • Stock options
    • Freedom
    • Inclusive culture & values
    • Personal development

Apply at:

Description of you

Hello there!

This is NOT a regular Support role that you've seen in other places.
As a result of this position, you will become not only a Customer Success Champion advanced in Project Management but also a 'seasoned' Digital Marketing Expert fluent in strategies, tools, and solutions of the industry. We will help you in achieving this goal, providing you with the necessary environment and know-how. If this sounds exciting we can't wait to talk to you!

At SanityDesk we're looking for someone who is a marketing fanatic, passionate about people, who loves to listen and to help to solve problems. If you are energetic, excited about interacting with users on a daily basis, you speak fluent English, enjoy helping others, and “providing top-notch customer experience” sounds like a great opportunity, not a problem – this is a role for you!

You, alongside your team, will take care of tens of SanityDesk customers every week to ensure they get the services they need to be successful using our product. Curiosity will be a great advantage of yours as your role would be to get a basic understanding of the client's business and think about how our solution can help to achieve their goals. Our all-in-one digital platform allows building an online presence for nearly any business. You will spend the majority of your time helping our customers to start using our product through a thorough onboarding, showing them the tool and what they can do with it. Many times our clients just begin their digital journey so they are very grateful for any advice that we provide them about sales or marketing – so if you are into the subject, you will receive twice as much love from them!

You will also reply to customer requests, help with account changes, sometimes with refunds, or provide answers to questions about things like pricing or different features. You’ll also help your team design and scale projects to evolve our customer experience, reporting back insights to our Product team and keep our documentation updated as the tool evolves.

Your skills (first 4 are crucial, the rest is nice to have)

  • You are a great communicator and you speak fluent English – You are an enthusiastic extrovert that loves interactions and is curious about people. You pay attention to what you say and how it can be interpreted. You like to write in English to provide information for others and you feel confident about your language skills. You know that listening is the key to understanding the other side’s needs. So you sit back and allow the customer to speak while you enjoy learning about opportunities on how to help.
  • You are a marketing fanatic, a teacher, and a builder – As you will be coaching so many people on how to use our amazing technology to create real solutions for people – you've gotta enjoy teaching others and have an understanding of how the basic marketing processes work. You know some project management techniques, and you are ready to become a successful Senior Marketer as a result of this position.
  • You obsess over customers – You aim to provide the highest possible level of services and experience for the client. You know that customers don't always know what they want, and we need to dream it up for them. You constantly work to earn and keep our users' trust and loyalty, being helpful and supportive.
  • You find technology to be a useful platform for solving real problems – Because of the technical nature of our product, you have an interest in how the software works and are curious to continue developing technical skills in this area. You have your favorite toolset that serves your needs. You also enjoy testing out new solutions and finding the ones that work the best.
  • You're empathetic to people and can easily put yourself in other’s shoes – You listen, try to understand, and help. You accept imperfection – no one is perfect and nobody knows everything. You realize that not everyone has the same skill set and that smart people sometimes make mistakes too. You make customers feel empowered after interacting with our support team.
  • You love solving problems and you are persistent – Every customer is different, many times radically so. You relish being able to meet their specific need, and also solving their problems that may have gone unsaid. You love the opportunity to solve new problems every day and won't give up when you don't know the answer right away.
  • You are responsible and ready to take ownership – You are not afraid of making decisions instead of waiting for permission or doing nothing. You care about the company's reputation and its’ results. You get to make things happen without someone saying so.
  • You love doing things efficiently – At SanityDesk, the work you do will have a significant impact on the business. We believe in systems and processes that let us scale our impact to be larger than ourselves. You write things down and organize them in structures – every repeatable work is documented so that it can be reused on a recurring basis.
  • You have a growth mindset – You are constantly seeking opportunities and development (every setback can become an opportunity). You choose positivity (over negativity). You are curious to explore, innovate, and optimize. You are not afraid to experiment and learn by doing. You accept that everything we build is never perfect but always progress.
  • You want to stay with us longer and build a successful company – For that reason, we only consider candidates who want to dedicate at least the next year to giving great support to SanityDesk customers and growing in the role.

Your responsibilities

SanityDesk is a small, wisely-growing, human-centric startup, so you'll likely get experience on quite a few different projects across the organization. That said, here are some things you'll probably do:

  • Coach our customer how to use our technology to create solutions for real problems
  • Advise customers on basic questions related to marketing and sales – every willingness to help is always warmly appreciated by our clients
  • Build marketing pipelines for our customers and eventually become a successful Marketer as a result of this position
  • Help our customers via email and/or live chat get up and running to ensure they have the best experience possible, troubleshooting their problems, answering their questions, and introducing them to our products.
  • Write documentation to help users help themselves (as well as to help our team to do things more efficiently), you will be our hero to create it and add it to our help site so that thousands of customers can enjoy more results with less hustle thanks to our support team.
  • Identify trends in the feedback we receive from customers, and turn that into insights for our product team
  • Experiment: this is a startup so we learn while we grow, things change and we think about how to get better every day

Our environment and values

We believe in a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment. All teammates at SanityDesk agree to accept our Value Statement ( According to it, these are the key components to make a truly exceptional environment:

  • We believe that trust is essential to a culture of innovation
  • We build clarity through transparency
  • We believe mistakes are acceptable as long as we own them
  • We use empathy in our day to day communication
  • We accept imperfection - no one is perfect and nobody knows everything
  • We are always eager to experiment and learn by doing
  • We choose positivity (over negativity)
  • We appreciate, show gratitude, and celebrate the little victories
  • We accept that others have a right to share their beliefs and thoughts
  • We are always open to receive constructive feedback
  • We choose the best ideas over hierarchy
  • We aim to give back to the communities that made us possible and make the world a better, more sustainable place

SanityDesk's package

Our journey has just begun, so for now, our benefits package consists of

  • Shares in the company from day 1
  • 32 days of paid vacation and standard stuff like sick leave
  • An environment of trust and compassion where your opinion matters
  • Flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely
  • A bunch of new technologies to learn and use
  • An incredible team of like-minded, highly skilled people
  • An opportunity to experiment with your ideas, learn and grow with the company
  • A startup environment with all the buzz and fun yet with established funding
  • A chance to widen your expertise working with domain knowledge experts on different areas of the business
  • Ability to build a company that follows certain values one of them being focused on «giving back to the communities that made us possible and making the world a better, more sustainable place

Learn more about SanityDesk

In case of any questions please contact our People & Culture Manager - Daniel, dropping an email to people[@]

Apply here:

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