К сожалению, данная вакансия устарела или приостановлена работодателем и сейчас недоступна

Applied Economics and Econometrics Specialist

25000 грн.

Особенности вакансии

  • Функция в бухгалтерии / финансах
    • Финансовый и управленческий учет
  • Вид занятости
    • Неполная занятость
    • Полная занятость
    • Удаленная работа
  • Уровень
    • Middle/Специалист
  • Знание языка
    • Английский язык

Job description:

Hawk-research is a freelance writing company which supports customers around the world since 2014 (including US, China, Australia, and many others) by improving their performance using modern technology, services, and data capabilities.

Currently, we are looking for a specialist in the field of Applied Economics, Econometrics, as well as in the field of Finance sector to provide assistance and solutions for clients in the sphere of academic tasks and questions. The main idea is knowledge sharing and helping people better understand the subjects so they can improve their level in mentioned disciplines as well as helping adopt to new educational environment.

Required skills (one of the field of several):

  • Accounting: tax, corporate, cost
  • Finance: financial mathematics, financial accounting
  • Economics: Macro and Microeconomics, Applied Economics

We strive to help our clients facilitate learning and improve their performance through modern technology, services, and data capabilities. Thus, we are looking for self-organized specialists, punctual subject experts and helpful client assistants.

We accept applicants from all over the world ! ! !

Compensation starts from $ 30 up to $ 120 per order and hour of project (depends on complexity of order)


  • Fluent English ( grammar, lexis, stylistics )
  • Completed Higher Education
  • Punctuality ( ability to follow the required deadline )


  • You are the boss, you choose the projects you'd like to work on;
  • Ability to combine this job with your current errands;
  • Expert help 24/7 with order-related questions;
  • Personal success manager, who will gladly assist you with non-order related questions.
  • FULLY REMOTE performance ! ! !


You can either apply right here or you can drop a message to us via FB Messenger or Whatsapp and we will guide you through the application process.


WhatsApp: +1 (443) 464 0555

Describe your proposition and introduce your skill to our chat manager so we can both decide what topic fits you best.

Upon successful completion of tests, you receive FULL access to a variety of projects and start earning right away!

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