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  1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of vivo brand in Ukraine, and fulfill the sales target set by the company according to the marketing plan;
  2. Assisted the regional manager to complete various indicators assigned by the company;
  3. 3. Responsible for the planning and implementation of marketing activities in the sales region and the completion of sales tasks;
  4. 4. Develop, maintain and manage customers in the region;
  5. 5. Managed and maintained customer relations and reached long-term strategic cooperation plans with customers.


  1. Bachelor degree or above;
  2. At least
  3. 2 years working experience in the mobile phone industry in Ukraine;
  4. 3. Good relationship with Ukrainian customers;
  5. 4. Good communication and organization skills;
  6. 5. Strong executive ability and learning ability.


  1. Language requirement: proficient in Russian, Ukrainian and English (Can chinese speaking people are preferred).

2, Have good image temperament, no bad habits.

  1. 3. Proficient in office software.Salary standard:
  2. . Probation period (3 months)Salary: discuss in the interview

Work location: Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv

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