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Virtual Assistant - English C2, Data Collection, Executive Support

FinTech Partner International AB


branchРеклама / Маркетинг / PR-услуги


cityДругие страны, EU


  • удаленная работа
  • английский

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Do you have excellent English skills, and are you able to work with social media, be a ghostwriter with tech-related topics and supply data for presentation, articles and reports - then this post if for you! To our international Startups, we seek a virtual assistant who will be able to help us with office related activities primarily in the area of proofreading, ghostwriting and brand activities. You will be asked to collect material, perform data entry, create diagrams, manage social media and type text in the area between Tech and Innovation.


Requirements: If you can, then you can use your skills. Students, graduates, PhDs, students, disabilities are welcome to apply as well.




Our international startup will help you with the following:

  • Social Media Marketer: Create 3-5 forms of micro-content from a weekly podcast. (Process explained here:
  • Your business team.
  • Ghostwrite articles
  • Proofread & edit articles
  • Data entry, data collection, the creation of diagrams


The basic skills needed for this employment are:

  • Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop
  • Microsoft Excel
  • E-mail management
  • Virtual Assistant skills
  • Understanding the quality of sources for reports
  • Excellent English skills, as you read documents and texts.


Additional skills, desired by not a must.


  • SPSS, Tableau
  • Creating research reports
  • Create academic literature reviews
  • Transcription of voice to text
  • Data processing


Working conditions: from 1 to 5 pm (CET) from Monday to Friday. You have to have a laptop with a functioning Internet connection. For the trial period we are happy to work on an invoice basis at a later stage we are happy with your help to be incorporated in Ukraine if needed.


Please be so kind as to send your CV or link to the Linkedin profile, specifying which skills you poss, if you plan to work half or full time and your salary expectation. We will ask you for proof of work, review your English skills.



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