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The Boosteroid project is an innovative cloud platform that provides easy access to software and computing power and enables users to run any high-end game or app on any device, even an outdated Mac, cheap and low-performance PC or ultra-thin tablet. The platform operates on servers located in different countries and is already available in Europe and Western Asia. Currently Boosteroid is headquatered in the Arab Emirates and has the office in Ukraine. Our investors and partners are based all around Europe.



Today the project is already developed and the team is getting ready for the full-scale commercial launch. Boosteroid operates in Europe and Western Asia and we have a few years to make it available wherever there is the Internet connection. And that is why we are looking for Security engineer willing to help us with this challenge and make modern technology available for everyone together with Boosteroid.




  • Information Security (following IS)
  • Operations (e.g. planning, upgrade, troubleshooting, architecture, etc.)
  • Strong and deep knowledge and experience in Windows (desktops and servers)
  • Linux knowledge and experience is a big advantage
  • Know to setup, maintain and troubleshoot VM environments and Hypervisors like VirtualBox, VMware ESXi, KVM
  • The OSI model
  • Ethernet - layers 1 and 2, Switching
  • TCP/IP (version 4) - IP addressing, subnetting, routing, TCP vs. UDP, Socket, session establishment and ending
  • Services and applications (Telnet, SMTP/POP3/IMAP, SSH, FTP, NTP, DNS, DHCP, etc.)
  • Proxy, Proxy auto-config
  • Inside the OS networking setup and troubleshooting
  • Tools - Wireshark, Nmap, putty, WinSCP
  • ePolicy Orchestrator
  • Endpoint Security
  • DLP Endpoint
  • Endpoint Security Firewall
  • Microsoft (Must)
  • Windows (as mentioned above for OSes)
  • Active Directory
  • WSUS, SQL Server, IIS
  • ForcePoint Email Security (Cloud)
  • Familiar with fundamental IS concepts and work methods
  • Authentication (OTP, hashing)
  • Authorization
  • Audit
  • Deep understanding of Firewall and IPS concepts and daily operations
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) way of work, planning and operating
  • Thorough understating of Windows internals and the ways antivirus products operate and their disadvantages
  • Familiarity with cryptography - symmetric / a-symmetric encryption, PKI, SSL/TLS, hashing
  • Experienced with hacking concepts, tools and work:
  • Passive and active reconnaissance (technical, social, business)
  • Route mapping
  • Port scanning
  • Preference to plan ahead towards avoiding issues - over troubleshooting them

As a Plus:

  • Fortinet - Fortigate, FortiAnalyzer, FortiAuthenticator, FortiManager, FortiToken
  • Coding and scripting ability and experience are preferred
  • Google G Suite, Business level
  • Cisco - Switches (optional)

We offer:

  • Competitive salary and bonus system
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Comfortable working environment


If you want to be a part of team. Passionate about modern technologies.

Boosteroid is an opportunity to express yourself.


Boost your world with us.



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