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Компания BiznesLabs с главным офисом в Германии и представительством в Черкассах (Украина), ищет в свою команду Middle web developer.




  • 2+ years of successful web development experience
  • Excellent programming skills, native JS knowledge
  • Strong knowledge of Asynchronous programming model in JavaScript
  • Experience with server-side development with Node.js
  • Software Design knowledge: OOD, SoA, Design patterns
  • Experience with Git
  • Webpack
  • NoSQL, SQL knowledge


Будет плюсом:


  • Experience developing with modern JS frameworks: VueJs, AngularJs
  • Good understanding and practical knowledge of continuous integration/delivery methods
  • Experience with ES6/ES7 (ECMAScript)


Для нас важно:


  • Simplicity - it is the ultimate sophistication.
  • Fairness, honesty
  • Communication. It is understandable to be late, but inform us ahead of time.
  • Smart people are good. But we prefer people that are smart and nice.
  • Readable code - anyone should read and understand
  • We prefer to redo the requirements if things get complicated [i.e., we prefer simplicity]
  • Would like you to write code that you'd be proud to show to anyone
  • We do not like 3rd party libraries unless they are stable - we do not want our code to be outdated in months.
  • If we do not understand it, it will need to be redone.
  • We are happy to change my mind if there is a good reason. We are not stuck to anything (except simplicity).


Условия работы: Работа удаленно или в офисе в г. Черкассы.

Конкурентоспособная заработная плата по результатам технического собеседования.


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