На жаль, дана вакансія застаріла або призупинена роботодавцем і зараз недоступна
Sigma Software

Junior PR manager

Особливості вакансії

  • Напрямок в маркетингу
    • Розвиток бренду
    • Піар
  • Додаткові відомості
    • Робота для студентів
  • ПЗ
    • Microsoft Access
  • Вид зайнятості
    • Повна зайнятість
    • Стажування/практика
  • Рівень
    • Фахівець
  • Знання мови
    • Англійська мова

We invite an active and bold PR Manager who is willing to work with various communication channels, develop a brand, look for creative formats.

Sigma Software Labs is a surpassing and unequaled ecosystem for startups, small product and service companies provided by leading technology consulting company Sigma Software.

Our residents will receive remarkable access to the world Angel & Venture Capital funds that cooperate with Sigma Software on many innovative projects. We will open our tech and business expert network for you.


  • Summary preparation and feedback gathering
  • Startup application and evaluation form processing and leading intake interview
  • Weekly content plan creation for the SMM resources: searching for the articles, news, and trending facts, SSW updates related to startup activity, investors business updates, resident’s news
  • Event management
  • Increasing internal brand awareness and searching for the new teams inside Sigma Software
  • Communication with and involvement in the collaboration of Sigma Software Labs residents


  • At least 1 year of similar experience in PR or Marketing
  • Experience with SMM
  • Strong Intermediate or higher level of English


  • IT background

Personal profile:

  • High communication skills
  • Smart mind and proactive personality
  • Good team player with high responsibility level

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