На жаль, дана вакансія застаріла або призупинена роботодавцем і зараз недоступна

Creative content writer/translator (English), автор статей

20000 грн.


Контактна особа

Recruiting Team

Особливості вакансії

  • Знання мови
    • Англійська мова
  • Вид зайнятості
    • Робота на дому
  • Рівень володіння мовою
    • Англійська (поглиблений)
  • Додаткові відомості
    • Робота для студентів
    • Без досвіду
  • Напрямок в маркетингу
    • Копірайтинг
  • Напрямок в інтернет-маркетингу
    • Робота з контентом

DFG Research delivers help and support to customers around the world since 2009.

We strive to help students facilitate learning and improve their performance through leading-edge technology, services, and data capabilities.

We build, launch and promote products and services to empower students in countries like US, Australia, UK and many other.

Now we are looking for smart and creative content writers to join our team.

Position involves researching and writing original texts on various topics in English. Depending on the area of interest, you can specialize in book reports, article/movie reviews, and analytical reports in various spheres.


  • Fluent English

  • 3rd year of Bachelor program or higher

  • Ability to work at least 10 hours per week or more


  • Competitive compensation with performance-based bonuses in USD;

  • Flexible schedule. You decide when and where you'd like to work!

  • No bossing around;

  • You are the boss, you choose the projects you'd like to work on;

  • Ability to combine this job with your current errands;

  • Expert help 24/7 with order-related questions;

  • Personal success manager, who will gladly assist you with non-order related questions.


Please DO NOT send your CV/Resume here, it will not be considered!

In order to APPLY for the position and join our freelance family, you are to:

  1. Go to

  2. Fill in your account data;

  3. Go through a timed English test and show off your ability to produce great content!

Once you successfully pass these short tests, our Recruiting Team Member will get in touch with you within the next 3-4 business days.

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